A micro wine project focusing on skin contact

In 2014 I inadvertently became Paul the wine guy. It started at our first Friendsgiving and evolved into any potluck dinner - my job was to bring the wine. The only problem was I knew nothing about wine. I knew that I liked it and I knew that my friends liked it. That's it.
Fast-forward 8 years, and wine has encompassed my life. Still bringing it to parties - but this time with much more thought and precision.

My curiosity has driven me to explore the best wine regions of the world. Always looking for that next best pairing. Bringing back bottles to share. Telling my stories.
With some of the best advice and guidance from professionals and winemakers in the Valley, I was able to realize my winemaking dream. I have partnered with the amazing team at BC Wine Studio in hopes to create wine experiments that have yet to be seen.
I’m now settled in the heart of the Okanagan Valley and still - very curious. Not with wine pairings this time but with the wine itself. Even more specific – Grape Skins. Skins give the wine colour, tannins and aromas but how does this all make a difference in a wine?

The Question

Would skin contact change the complexity, flavours and body of a wine?

The Hypothesis

If we took a single varietal, single vineyard must (grape juice), what
would happen if we exposed it to various lengths of skin contact.

The Experiment

Take 100% Black Grape Juice and 100% Green Grape Juice and expose them to various types & lengths of skin contact.
Everything else remains constant.

The Results

A spectrum of wine

Peau wine collection.